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Rasai Ceylon is the Food Delivery Service where authentic Sri Lankan spices and cooking techniques meet local seasonal vegetables and quality fish & meat.  Rice & Curry, the island nation's main meal is a complex combination of a variety of tastes and textures.  It brings together the flavours, as well as the health benefits of Sri Lanka's spices that form the foundation of Ayurveda.


The meals are packaged in eco-friendly and compostable containers that give you the convenience of home freezing, as well as being microwave and oven friendly. 

The Menu

Sri Lanka's Iconic Rice & Curry

The Definitive Main Meal

An explosion of aroma and flavours. 
Sri Lanka's main meal, unique to the spice blends of each home and at the mercy of the instinctive cooking style that is a distinction throughout Sri Lanka resulting in a unique experience with each plate.

Kottu Roti

My Favorite Street Food

You first hear Kottu being made, then you smell it and finally, you taste it.  Comfort food, all-time late-night meal.  Kottu is to Sri Lanka, what Kebab is to the UK.


Colonial Favourites 

This latest addition to our menu has already become our customers’ favourite.


These croquettes are made to order, packed with either mackerel fish or vegetables.

About us

We are passionate about our children. We love cooking and experimenting.  We love the warm flavours of Sri Lankan spices with British produce.  We champion sustainability and neurodiversity. We bring it all together here at Rasai Ceylon.  In true Sri Lankan style, we would like to share our hospitability with you.


Our spices, rice and tea come from Sri Lanka.  We will be using seasonal produce from the UK.  All our packaging is from recycled material and can be recycled/compostable.  To ensure food safety and to protect the flavours and nutrition of our meals for you, they are blast frozen. 10% of all sales will go to charities that support and promote the appreciation of neurodiversity.


is Sinhala for Delicious.


is Sri Lanka (1972), Lakdiva, Lankadeepa, Tambapani, Sinhaladiva, Zeilan, Taprobana & Serendip, Ceilao, which then became Ceylon when a British crown colony.  Being famous for her spices, wood, ivory, tortoiseshell, pearls, and precious gemstones. Sri Lanka was a key trading partner of the ancient world from China to the Middle East & Ancient Rome.

Located at the crossroads of the maritime routes traversing the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka has been exposed to the cultural influences from other Ancient Civilizations from Asia to Europe and Africa. These ancient influences are present in the cuisine and it continues to evolve.


is a symbol used by both island nations that we call home.  



is the result of over 2,500 years of interaction, adoption, integration, and evolution. 

Sri Lankan cuisine is mainly plant-based, from the oils to the milk used and the vast variety of vegetables and salads that are used to create these delectable dishes that combine flavour and health benefits. 


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